About Us

Reynex Solutions is a software services provider, offers end to end IT services from strategic planning

Who We Are?

Reynex Solutions is a software services provider, offers end to end IT services from strategic planning, development, testing and training through implementation of applications. Reynex provides customized solutions based on an assessment of each client's needs. Reynex helps companies overcome staffing and resource challenges. Reynex's software development teams have an impressive track record for developing software applications that meet the critical needs of companies. Reynex’s consultants are highly experienced with in-depth knowledge in functional and technical areas ranging from conversion of legacy systems, database management, object oriented development, telecom, telephony, wireless, client/server and intranet/Internet applications.

Companies are under tremendous pressure to get their solutions to market. In today's competitive marketplace staffing a development organization with the right set of skills and experience is a major challenge. Most companies face considerable risk in getting their product or service to market and time to market means the company's success or failure.

Reynex's innovative approach to software development helps companies overcome their resource challenges to ensure that their new software solutions get to market on time and on budget and to help expand core or associated product lines. Reynex's global team of software developers can work as a virtual extension to an organization's internal staff. Utilizing Reynex's capabilities, new software development projects can be delivered quickly and to the same high quality standards that have enabled companies to establish their market presence and reputations. The firm is headquartered in San Jose, California, soon opening its development center in Trivandrum, India.